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The Pixies: No Longer Kim-less But Still Without a Deal


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The Pixies announced via their website this morning that Kim will in fact be playing bass and providing background vocals on their upcoming tour- just not the one we have grown accustomed to hearing and seeing. Kim Shattuck, lead guitarist and vocalist from The Muffs, will be stepping into the role recently vacated by Kim Deal, at least on the road. It had been speculated that Jeremy Dubs would be filling that spot after appearing on the new Pixies single “Bagboy,” which has been receiving mixed reviews since its release last Friday. The band has scheduled a European tour this fall and has already sold out four of the nineteen shows.  According to their website, this is the first leg of an “extensive, worldwide tour.” No word yet on when they will be hitting the States.

“Bagboy” is still available to download for free via the band’s website.  The video is also available to watch on Youtube.

2013 European tour dates
9/29 Paris, France
10/2 Brussels, Begium (Sold Out)
10/3 Brussels, Belgium (Sold Out)
10/5 Amsterdam, Holland
10/8 Berlin, Germany
10/10 Prague, Czech Republic
11/1 Vienna, Austria
11/2 Geneva, Switzerland
11/4 Milan, Italy
11/7 Madrid, Spain
11/9 Lisbon, Portugal
11/13 Copenhagen, Denmark
11/14 Oslo, Norway
11/15 Stockholm, Sweden
11/18 Dublin, Ireland (Sold Out)
11/19 Dublin, Ireland
11/21 Manchester, England
11/22 Glasgow, Scotland (Sold Out)
11/24 London, England


Are Kim-less Pixies a Big Deal?



Much like the announcement Kim Deal was leaving the Pixies came out of left field, the news of a new single and video this morning came with little advanced fanfare as well. “Bagboy” is the first single released by the band since their 2004 reunion produced the download-only song “Bam Thwok-” ironically one of the few Pixies songs written and sung by Deal.

Given the infamous infighting between Deal and Pixies leader Black Francis throughout the band’s first incarnation, it came as no surprise that the bassist formally left the group two weeks ago. However, the cynics amongst the music world might point to the lusterless “Bagboy” as reason enough for her exit, though the background vocals sound an awful lot like Ms. Deal. Hours after the single was released, however, it was revealed that Francis’ friend Jeremy Dubs channeled his inner-Kim and sang the ditty’s chorus.

Whether Deal’s reasons for departing were due to more disputes with Francis or something else, the outpouring of support she’s received in the aftermath has been plentiful. That, along with the very mixed reviews this current release is garnering, makes one wonder how much support a Kimless Pixies will get. Meanwhile Deal has the Breeders to fall back on, along with many side projects to keep her busy.

Today’s developments have reaped quite a bit of attention, as witnessed by the buzz spreading across various music outlets and social media sites. But as the cliche goes, “everyone loves a good train wreck.” Only time will tell whether this new direction turns out to be a “Gigantic” success or “Death to the Pixies.”

UPDATE: The Pixies are no longer Kim-less, but a Kim by any other name than Deal might not prove so sweet.  http://www.pixiesmusic.com/2013/07/introducing/