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The Pixies: No Longer Kim-less But Still Without a Deal


Pixies Logo 2

The Pixies announced via their website this morning that Kim will in fact be playing bass and providing background vocals on their upcoming tour- just not the one we have grown accustomed to hearing and seeing. Kim Shattuck, lead guitarist and vocalist from The Muffs, will be stepping into the role recently vacated by Kim Deal, at least on the road. It had been speculated that Jeremy Dubs would be filling that spot after appearing on the new Pixies single “Bagboy,” which has been receiving mixed reviews since its release last Friday. The band has scheduled a European tour this fall and has already sold out four of the nineteen shows.  According to their website, this is the first leg of an “extensive, worldwide tour.” No word yet on when they will be hitting the States.

“Bagboy” is still available to download for free via the band’s website.  The video is also available to watch on Youtube.

2013 European tour dates
9/29 Paris, France
10/2 Brussels, Begium (Sold Out)
10/3 Brussels, Belgium (Sold Out)
10/5 Amsterdam, Holland
10/8 Berlin, Germany
10/10 Prague, Czech Republic
11/1 Vienna, Austria
11/2 Geneva, Switzerland
11/4 Milan, Italy
11/7 Madrid, Spain
11/9 Lisbon, Portugal
11/13 Copenhagen, Denmark
11/14 Oslo, Norway
11/15 Stockholm, Sweden
11/18 Dublin, Ireland (Sold Out)
11/19 Dublin, Ireland
11/21 Manchester, England
11/22 Glasgow, Scotland (Sold Out)
11/24 London, England


Are Kim-less Pixies a Big Deal?



Much like the announcement Kim Deal was leaving the Pixies came out of left field, the news of a new single and video this morning came with little advanced fanfare as well. “Bagboy” is the first single released by the band since their 2004 reunion produced the download-only song “Bam Thwok-” ironically one of the few Pixies songs written and sung by Deal.

Given the infamous infighting between Deal and Pixies leader Black Francis throughout the band’s first incarnation, it came as no surprise that the bassist formally left the group two weeks ago. However, the cynics amongst the music world might point to the lusterless “Bagboy” as reason enough for her exit, though the background vocals sound an awful lot like Ms. Deal. Hours after the single was released, however, it was revealed that Francis’ friend Jeremy Dubs channeled his inner-Kim and sang the ditty’s chorus.

Whether Deal’s reasons for departing were due to more disputes with Francis or something else, the outpouring of support she’s received in the aftermath has been plentiful. That, along with the very mixed reviews this current release is garnering, makes one wonder how much support a Kimless Pixies will get. Meanwhile Deal has the Breeders to fall back on, along with many side projects to keep her busy.

Today’s developments have reaped quite a bit of attention, as witnessed by the buzz spreading across various music outlets and social media sites. But as the cliche goes, “everyone loves a good train wreck.” Only time will tell whether this new direction turns out to be a “Gigantic” success or “Death to the Pixies.”

UPDATE: The Pixies are no longer Kim-less, but a Kim by any other name than Deal might not prove so sweet.

Keaggy and Hendrix: Phil-ing in the Blanks


Phil Keaggy
Some stories are so closely associated with an individual, that the mere mention of that person’s name immediately brings their defining moment to the forefront of one’s mind. Sometimes it is because a man or woman has achieved great success or accomplished a rare feat. In other instances somebody has gained notoriety or infamy due to ill behavior or committing a heinous crime. Another way a narrative and human being become inseparable is when a tall tale is told so often that fiction evolves into “truth.”

That happens to be the case with Mr. Phil Keaggy. If you are familiar with that name, in all likelihood your first thought upon reading it was, “gifted Christian guitarist who Jimi once said was the world’s greatest” or something to that effect. Not only have you heard the anecdote what seems like a million times, but you’ve probably recounted it yourself. Though it is mostly Christians who ignorantly spin this yarn, some non-believers speak of it as well-just not with the same enthusiasm or sense of pride.

There are also Eddie Van Halen and Eric Clapton variations, yet most often it is the Jimi Hendrix experience that is shared. Alas, it carries the same dead weight as the Cass Elliot choking stories. And despite having access to more fact-checking resources than ever before, [Insert name here]’s endorsement of Phil Keaggy as the “world’s greatest guitarist” parables will live on and poor Mama Cass will continue to be vilified.

The origin of this urban legend is not clear, though Snopes does a nice job of weighing the facts and debunking the fiction. The myth has been an attractive selling point for decades but Keaggy’s music does a fine job of (truthfully) speaking for itself and doesn’t need a guitar god’s seal of approval to do so.

Now that you have been enlightened, I believe it is your responsibility to educate others and put an end to the Phil falsehoods. If you have never heard of Keaggy and consider yourself a music lover, you have a responsibility too.

Sebadoh: The Secret Is Out



If the sun appears to be shining a little brighter and you have a little extra pep in your step, you must have already read the good news. If not, I will let you in on a little Secret: Joyful Noise Recordings, those flexi-loving sons of guns out of Indiana, have signed indie mainstays Sebadoh to their record label. The first order of business for Lou Barlow and Co. is a 10″ vinyl release of last year’s Secret EP, previously only available in digital format on Bandcamp and CD during their 2012 tour. This is just an appetizer, however, as Joyful Noise will also be serving up Defend Yourself, the band’s first full-length album since 1999’s The Sebadoh. The Secret EP is already available for pre-order (with immediate digital download) via the label’s website and officially hits the streets June 25. Defend Yourself has a release date of September 17.


Secret EP black vinyl

Sebadoh Secret EP
Secret EP Limited Edition green marble vinyl (300 hand-numbered copies)

I Was Sure Out To Lunch


There is both beauty and frustration in the fact that one’s music collection will never be complete. On one hand, there is the immeasurable joy of hearing a great song for the first time, and also the realization that life doesn’t grant enough time and resources to find every beautiful noise ever recorded. When memories are as scattered and fragmented as mine are at times, the task can be considerably more difficult.  Still I press forward in hopes of filling my soul with as much good music as possible.

When I read a headline last month mentioning Tandyn Almer’s passing, the name rang a bell, but unfortunately I couldn’t make the connection until I read the obituary posted by The Washington Post yesterday. Like most music fans, I was familiar with The Association‘s catchy pop masterpiece, “Along Comes Mary” and the Beach Boys‘ “Sail On Sailor”-just not the talented writer and co-writer, respectively, behind them. Thankfully there are record companies like Numero Group and Sundazed Music that have made considerable efforts to re-introduce obscure and/or out of print music. The latter will be releasing Along Comes Tandyn, a retrospective collection of Almer’s songs, next month.
Tandyn Almer

I appreciate second, third, fourth chances to be made aware of quality music. While many people salivate at being the first ones to “discover” a band, I am happy just to make it to the party, however late I may be. And if I happen to be the early bird, I welcome any who arrive after me with open arms. Having one’s heart moved by music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Who are we to dampen others’ experiences simply because we had the opportunity to hear something sooner?

Whether Not Bound To Follow Suit becomes a regular part of your music-loving experience, or tossed aside like a Perry Como Christmas album, I encourage you to embrace both newcomers and the old school brigade as you continue your own journey.  After all, the songwriters are the real first discoverers, rendering the rest of us immigrants.

Isn’t Anything (New Ever Going To Be Released)?



Ministry once sang, “Every day is Halloween,” but for fans of My Bloody Valentine, “Every day is April Fool’s” might be more appropriate. After releasing one of the most celebrated albums of the 90’s in the form of Loveless (1991), fans have anxiously awaited the follow up for the past twenty-two years. Yet all they have gotten from Kevin Shields & co. were a few cover songs for compilations, re-releases of old albums, a myriad of excuses and, in recent times, promises never fulfilled.

In November 2012, Shields told NME to expect a new album by year’s end. That was followed by a post on the band’s Facebook page December 24 stating the album was finished, to the tempered-delight of their fans. When the 2012 “deadline” came and went, no one was surprised to find they were duped once more. Then on January 27, during their first concert since 2009, Shields proclaimed the album would finally see the light of day in “two or three days.”  In others words: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 204453 times, shame on me. Fans were once again disappointed when nothing materialized. Now comes word this afternoon that the new album will “go live” this evening.

Besides contemplating whether this will be another promise that goes unfulfilled, one has to wonder after all of these years, will it be worth the wait or will it be MBV’s Chinese Democracy? Though certainly disappointing, sometimes anticipation and expectations of  “what might have been” are more fulfilling than what we eventually receive. If that ends up being the case, maybe people will wish they took more solace in playing the fool.

UPDATE:  The new album IS available! Shortly after launching their new website, the server crashed and disgruntled fans took to Facebook to voice their displeasure. The site is now up and running and the album is available to stream in full here.

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)


Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement and support. I appreciate the opportunity to connect with loved ones, strangers and artists over something so dear to my heart, and to yours. I realize not every post will be of interest to you, but hopefully there will be moments you smile, are reminded of special memories, discover new music or have your soul stirred. I look forward to experiencing all of the above through my interactions with you.

As always, I welcome suggestions, feedback and would also love to hear about YOUR musical journeys. You can contact me at I would also be grateful if you  “liked” my Facebook page. Thanks again, Mike

Two Kinds of Music: An Introduction


No one will ever confuse me with being an extrovert, though you might find that difficult to believe if you broach the topic of music in my presence. From the time I was very young, it has been as close as any friend I have ever known and a constant presence in my everyday life. Even if I am not actively listening to a song, reading about music or attending a concert, the trusty jukebox in my head is cranking out tunes, including ones I wouldn’t have chosen. To say music has played a significant role in my life would be an understatement. It has been associated with good times and bad, helped lay the foundation of many a friendship and taken me places I would otherwise have never been-geographically and emotionally.

But trying to appropriately describe how influential music has been in my life is futile, partly because I don’t fancy myself as a gifted articulator. I think the same can be said for genres of music. When asked what kind of music I listen to, I have responded for years that there are only two kinds of music in the world: music I like and music I don’t. There are just too many musicians that I like and dislike across various musicial genres and subgenres to answer that question with anything else. To say I like rock, country, alternative, jazz, classical, and so on would be painting with too broad of a brush, and to rattle off a select few bands would be painting with one too thin.

Even so, I am always open to elaborating in hopes of a meaningful conversation about not only my musical journey, but that of the inquirer as well. It is for this purpose that Not Bound To Follow Suit has been created. As previously noted, I am not always the best communicator, however, I would like to try and connect with other music lovers by conducting interviews, offering rambling observations and other features of a musical nature. It is my desire to involve fellow music fans to be a part of the process by contributing as well. If you want to share about your experiences, collections or any other music-related topics,  please feel free to email me at Additionally, if you are in a band-either well-known or your only fan is your mother-please feel free to contact me about being featured on this blog. I look very forward to connecting with you soon!