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Ryley Walker: More Chicagoan Than Deep Dish Pizza


In the 2+ years since I first posted this entry, Ryley has released an EP, two LPs and greatly increased his internet presence. (For maximum audio enjoyment, check out his KEXP performances!) Dusting off this post (and the blog in general) on the heels of Walker’s critically acclaimed new album, Primrose Green. When I first wrote about Ryley, I also had hopes of conducting an interview with him sometime. Now that he is more easily accessible, perhaps I can ask him what it was like to receive his first big break from yours truly? I kid, I kid!

Not Bound To Follow Suit

Rylie Walker

Like John Fahey before him, fingerstyle guitarist Ryley Walker’s music is steeped in the traditions of, but not limited to, folk music and blues. Perhaps Walker also prefers a grassroots approach when it comes to reaching the masses, as there are only scant details to be found on the information superhighway. No website, no Facebook page; just a smattering of YouTube videos and blurbs on websites such as Chicago Reader-appropriately enough, since the Windy City is where Walker calls home.

My first introduction to Walker’s tunes was Laurie’s Planet of Sound, a record store based in (yes) Chicago that carries an ample supply of vinyl to meet your needle’s needs. After releasing a few tapes on (drum roll please) Chicago label Plustapes, he made his vinyl debut  last week for (Los Angeles? Detroit? New York City? NOPE) Chicago record label Addenda Records. Available on their website…

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