I Was Sure Out To Lunch


There is both beauty and frustration in the fact that one’s music collection will never be complete. On one hand, there is the immeasurable joy of hearing a great song for the first time, and also the realization that life doesn’t grant enough time and resources to find every beautiful noise ever recorded. When memories are as scattered and fragmented as mine are at times, the task can be considerably more difficult.  Still I press forward in hopes of filling my soul with as much good music as possible.

When I read a headline last month mentioning Tandyn Almer’s passing, the name rang a bell, but unfortunately I couldn’t make the connection until I read the obituary posted by The Washington Post yesterday. Like most music fans, I was familiar with The Association‘s catchy pop masterpiece, “Along Comes Mary” and the Beach Boys‘ “Sail On Sailor”-just not the talented writer and co-writer, respectively, behind them. Thankfully there are record companies like Numero Group and Sundazed Music that have made considerable efforts to re-introduce obscure and/or out of print music. The latter will be releasing Along Comes Tandyn, a retrospective collection of Almer’s songs, next month.
Tandyn Almer

I appreciate second, third, fourth chances to be made aware of quality music. While many people salivate at being the first ones to “discover” a band, I am happy just to make it to the party, however late I may be. And if I happen to be the early bird, I welcome any who arrive after me with open arms. Having one’s heart moved by music is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Who are we to dampen others’ experiences simply because we had the opportunity to hear something sooner?

Whether Not Bound To Follow Suit becomes a regular part of your music-loving experience, or tossed aside like a Perry Como Christmas album, I encourage you to embrace both newcomers and the old school brigade as you continue your own journey.  After all, the songwriters are the real first discoverers, rendering the rest of us immigrants.


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