Isn’t Anything (New Ever Going To Be Released)?



Ministry once sang, “Every day is Halloween,” but for fans of My Bloody Valentine, “Every day is April Fool’s” might be more appropriate. After releasing one of the most celebrated albums of the 90’s in the form of Loveless (1991), fans have anxiously awaited the follow up for the past twenty-two years. Yet all they have gotten from Kevin Shields & co. were a few cover songs for compilations, re-releases of old albums, a myriad of excuses and, in recent times, promises never fulfilled.

In November 2012, Shields told NME to expect a new album by year’s end. That was followed by a post on the band’s Facebook page December 24 stating the album was finished, to the tempered-delight of their fans. When the 2012 “deadline” came and went, no one was surprised to find they were duped once more. Then on January 27, during their first concert since 2009, Shields proclaimed the album would finally see the light of day in “two or three days.”  In others words: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 204453 times, shame on me. Fans were once again disappointed when nothing materialized. Now comes word this afternoon that the new album will “go live” this evening.

Besides contemplating whether this will be another promise that goes unfulfilled, one has to wonder after all of these years, will it be worth the wait or will it be MBV’s Chinese Democracy? Though certainly disappointing, sometimes anticipation and expectations of  “what might have been” are more fulfilling than what we eventually receive. If that ends up being the case, maybe people will wish they took more solace in playing the fool.

UPDATE:  The new album IS available! Shortly after launching their new website, the server crashed and disgruntled fans took to Facebook to voice their displeasure. The site is now up and running and the album is available to stream in full here.


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