Two Kinds of Music: An Introduction


No one will ever confuse me with being an extrovert, though you might find that difficult to believe if you broach the topic of music in my presence. From the time I was very young, it has been as close as any friend I have ever known and a constant presence in my everyday life. Even if I am not actively listening to a song, reading about music or attending a concert, the trusty jukebox in my head is cranking out tunes, including ones I wouldn’t have chosen. To say music has played a significant role in my life would be an understatement. It has been associated with good times and bad, helped lay the foundation of many a friendship and taken me places I would otherwise have never been-geographically and emotionally.

But trying to appropriately describe how influential music has been in my life is futile, partly because I don’t fancy myself as a gifted articulator. I think the same can be said for genres of music. When asked what kind of music I listen to, I have responded for years that there are only two kinds of music in the world: music I like and music I don’t. There are just too many musicians that I like and dislike across various musicial genres and subgenres to answer that question with anything else. To say I like rock, country, alternative, jazz, classical, and so on would be painting with too broad of a brush, and to rattle off a select few bands would be painting with one too thin.

Even so, I am always open to elaborating in hopes of a meaningful conversation about not only my musical journey, but that of the inquirer as well. It is for this purpose that Not Bound To Follow Suit has been created. As previously noted, I am not always the best communicator, however, I would like to try and connect with other music lovers by conducting interviews, offering rambling observations and other features of a musical nature. It is my desire to involve fellow music fans to be a part of the process by contributing as well. If you want to share about your experiences, collections or any other music-related topics,  please feel free to email me at Additionally, if you are in a band-either well-known or your only fan is your mother-please feel free to contact me about being featured on this blog. I look very forward to connecting with you soon!


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